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Emailing is the traditional way businesses have been talking to each other for years. Although the technology was invented decades ago but it is still one of the most reliable, best and fastest ways to reach out to people and businesses you care about. Yahoo is among big players next to Google that offer free mailing services to the Internet users. On this page, you can download the latest version of Yahoo Mail APK.

 Yahoo Mail free Android app has all those features you need to manage emails. You can create, send, receive and read emails on the fly using this free app. You can send attachments as well as you can store your attachments online to retrieve them anytime. 
You might be thinking that as the app is from Yahoo, so it will only support Yahoo email accounts, but you aren't right. Yahoo Mail Android app supports Gmail, AOL, and many other email services also and it brings a single spot for you where all of your email accounts can be accessed together without any hurdle. Everything related to online mailing has been simplified and has been made productive by Yahoo Mail free Android app.
While using multiple email accounts, you don't need to logout and login again and again. There is an easy way to switch between different accounts and thus you can easily revert back to the account where you have received your most recent and most important email.


In addition to general attachments, you can send videos also. Yahoo provides you an ample cloud storage of 1000GB where you can keep all of your attachments and other media securely to retrieve it anytime anywhere. In addition, the app lets you connect your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts also which provide you unlimited possibilities to add extra storage for your media whenever you will be needing it. To avail all these and many more features, download Yahoo Mail APK below.
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