Power Battery APK Latest v1.0.2 Download for Android Added on Jun 19, 2018

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Power Battery APk is nice tool for android devices and other smart device which can easily boost your battery life and fast your devices performances and you wish to increase your battery life and must be install this famous APK on your devices  and get advantages of its latest features. hence some of features are given below

Features Of Power Battery Life APK

  • Power Battery quickly scans your mobile, check the power consumption of apps and settings, and save battery life for you effectively.
  • Optimizing app to drain the battery with 1 tap;
  • Presenting energy savings suggestions for device setting;
  • Advanced battery saver that effectively stops battery draining apps in the background;
  • Battery saver modes for different power saving needs, easy to switch and customize;
  • Accurate estimating remaining battery time;
  • Showing battery percentage on screen and status bar;
  • Low battery reminder 1: battery low alarm when 40% battery left;
  • Low battery reminder 2: battery saver mode switch alarm when the battery 20%;
  • Support tablet battery: battery saver for android tablets as well.
  • Battery Health – 360 Degree Battery Care
  • Fast Charger – Battery Booster for Charge Times
  • Launches automatically when battery charging;
  • Stops battery draining apps running when charging; 
  • Shows battery percentage on screen as well as charge time estimating;
  • Battery charge monitor that detects battery charge level and switches between below modes
  • Speed Mode: fast charging battery when battery below 80%;
  • Continuous Mode: start a charging with battery care when battery between 80% and 100%;
  • Trickle Mode: Reduce charging input when battery 100% for battery health.
  • Battery Monitor – Accurate Battery Usage Tracker
  • The smart battery monitor in Battery Center shows you the battery status, battery usage info as well as the power consumption happening on your Android device. 
  • Battery Info Live: battery temperature, voltage, battery capacity(mAh) and more;
  • Battery Usage: the power consumption details on your Android device;
Power Battery
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